Bar And Beyond....

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Hi All!

Last week, me and the beautiful Sarah were invited along to a VIP Launch night for a new club that has just opened in a local town near us, Stevenage. We saw this as the perfect oppotunity for our first Bloggers On Tour tour!

We booked ourselves into the local Holiday Inn, which is a 5 minute walk (10 in heels!) away from the hotel, which was perfect for us. Let me tell you, once you get 2 beauty bloggers getting ready for a night out, in one hotel room, expect make-up galore! And I mean galore. We couldn't move for eyeshadows and contour pallets!

Now me and Sarah are known for our love of selfies, so I've included some gems!
We arrived, just before 11 and we got into the club no problem, were shown to our booth and who would be our hostess for the night and she popped the champagne for us! Throughout the night, the staff were attentive and exteremly friendly! 

We danced and drunk the night away, bumping into a few other bloggers throughout the night too! 3am rolled around, and it was time to leave. It was one hell of a good night!

Overall, Bar And Beyond, is a club that me and Sarah have both said we would like go to again! It had a very upmarket and classy feel to it, with an edgy vibe too! It was like no other club I've been into in recent times! 

Have you visited Bar And Beyond? What were your thoughts? 

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