2016 Goals

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After seeing Bex's post on 2016 goals, and thought to myself I'll do the same! Me and Bex have spoken a bit about our goals with each other, and some are very similar, we both want to help each other achieve the goals we've set, and i'm sure we can help each other with this! 

  • Get back to regular updates, at least twice a month to start with. 
  • Use social media outlets more
  • Create a few more regular features
  • Complete my Goodreads reading challenge - something Bex introduced me too!
  • Travel a bit more, I have a few trips planned already, and I'll do a post on the places I want to visit. 
  • Continue to enjoy living! This one sounds a bit odd, but what I mean is, continue nights out, seeing friends etc! 
  • Get as close to debt free as possible, even debt free if I can! 
  • Get my savings account back to a good amount. I had a fair amount, but due to one thing or another, it's depleted! Time to get back to saving!
  • Get a 2nd part time job, to try and boost my savings.
  • Lose 3 stone - getting me to my target! 
  • Continue to exercise, i'm planning on trying to go swimming at least once a week, and also try and join the gym.
  • Try and keep my water intake, something I always fail at!
So these are my goals for 2016  – what goals do you have?

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  1. I need to start saving too! 2016 is a year for organisation and skinnyness ;) good luck! Xx

  2. I totally need to make one of these!! I love posts like this - it kind of makes you re-evalutate your life (new year) if you haven't already. I find setting myself targets and goals and actually writing them down and sharing them helps me achieve them so much better. Thanks for the inspiration hun and BEST OF LUCK!!!
    Charlotte x