Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him

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Valentines day is fast approaching and this year, I have someone who I truly want to spoil! Instead of going down the usual 'traditional' gifts that I see every year, in and out, I wanted to look at some ideas that are a bit different and original. 

Below, are some lovely ideas from a website called Personalise Online I noticed and decided to put together a little list of some nice items that would make a cute/unique/unusual gift ideas. (Beauty Lovers, you should also check out there Make-Up Cases and Chairs too!!)

1. A Personalised Directors Chair - A perfect gift for a film lover. And what makes this gift even more special, is you can select from a range of canvas covers and also put your own personalised message, making it that extra more unique. 

2. A Personalised Clapper Board - Again, perfect for a film lover. And you can add the exact details you like! I had the idea of adding the details of my relationship on the board. I.E my name as director and my boyfriends name as Camera Man, the date we got together etc. I thought that cute personalisation would really be a big hit, and again, it's something extremely personal and unique to you and your partner. 

3. A football hipflask - With the Euros coming up, football is going to be everywhere you turn, so why not get ahead of the game (No pun intended!) This was a small token gift which I thought would be nice. I know my boyfriend is a massive football fan (Sort of how we met!), so he would love this idea. It would look ideal on his shelf next to his trophies and medals that he's got through playing football too! 

I hope I've helped somewhat with some ideas, I highly recommend checking out the above website, and with them developing more and more ideas as each day goes, there is something to suit everyone! 

Which product do you like best? What sort of design would you put on the chair/clapper board? Do you prefer gifts that are personal to the person and yourself?

Speak soon!

*I am an employee of Personalised Online, but all views/reviews are my own and any product reviewed has been brought myself and has not been gifted*

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