2015 Highlights

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Well, what a whirlwind 2015 was for me! I've talked a little bit about the events of 2015, and I never imagined I'd end 2015 in the way I did! New Years Eve, I entered into a new chapter of my life, A new relationship!! I'm so excited to see what this year holds, and in doing that, I thought I'd look back on the positives of 2015, and share some of the best moments!

My mum's surprise 50th! We spent a fair good months, planning, scheming, lying (hehe) and in the end,we pulled it off! She literally had no clue! She loved every minute and I'm glad we all did her proud!

Our trip to Newcastle. One of THE best nights out of my life. Met some fab people, and honestly, a night I will not forget in a hurry!

My big brother got married! Still hard to believe, but we all had such a wonderful day, and there were a few happy tears shed. 

My new baby! I picked this beauty up, as a post break up present to myself. Honestly the best present I've ever brought myself haha!

The thing about the next lot of photos is, they all have very special meaning to me. I lost alot of myself in the past few years, I've reconnected with alot of people, and honestly, I have never felt closer to them, old and new. 

The above picture sums it up, my life a year ago, is totally different to now, and I'm happy about that! Things might finally be looking up, and I have so much to look forward too. No more looking back and no more dwelling on the past. So heres to the new year! I'm not making resolutions as such, and there's certainly no 'new year, new me' stuff! I'm just planning on making the most out of the year! :)

Happy New Year Guys!

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