Things I Love About Christmas - Blogmas #3

by - 02:30

Christmas is time of goodwill and joy, and for everyone, they all have things that make Christmas special to them.

Today, for day 3 of Blogmas, I've decided to share with you what I love about Christmas. 

For me, Christmas is the one time all my family are off work for at least one day! With my siblings and I all grown up, flying the nest, getting married, having families of there own etc, it's very rare we're all in the same place at the same time! As the years go on, it's getting less and less. So for me, the day we all go to my parents and spend time together, is a special and rare moment that I cherish. 

Christmas is the one time we all come together, and it's nice to spend time, catching up, having a nice meal, taking turns in winding each other up (what siblings don't after all!). We have some traditions, like we always do the washing and drying up together as a group, playing drinking games and a secret santa. 

When growing up, we took for granted the fact that we were forced to spend the day together, but now, I cherish every moment we have together.

Another thing I love, is the presents! Of course everyone loves recieving them, but for me, nothing gets me more buzzed than when I'm handing them out to family and friends and seeing the smiles on there faces!

Christmas, for me is the most wonderful time of the year! What about you? Do you enjoy Christmas? 

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