Cute Christmas Date Ideas - Blogmas #2

by - 05:15

There's no better time than Christmas. With so much going on, there's always something to do with your date/partner etc. Below, are just a few dates ideas that you could do over the Festive Period!

  1. Go to Winter Wonderland
    If like me, London is fairly accessable, then this little wintery village is an ideal date place. If it's not close by, why not try and make a whole weekend of it!
  2. Cute Coffee Date
    Some the best dates I've had have been a simple meeting in a Starbucks or Costa, trying the festive menu and having lighthearted conversations!
  3. Settle Down With A Christmas Film
    Select a childhood film, and enjoy each others company. Complete with festive snacks and drinks!
  4. Decorate Your Tree Together
    Maybe it's your first Christmas together, spend time putting up the tree, maybe even add in a cheeky bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion! (Well, everyone loves bubbly right!?)
  5. Go Ice Skating
    My local town has an outdoor Ice Skating rink, why not grab a pair of skates and be adventurous! Plus, you can show off your 'twirling' skills!
  6. Have A Games Night
    For me, nothing says cosy and cute like a games night in with your love. Stay in from the bitter cold and get your competive side out. Invite over some friends and make a real night of it!
  7. Visit Your Local Christmas Market
    Take time to look around the stalls, do a spot of christmas shopping, enjoy the atmospher, take cute pictures, then warm up with an Irish Hot Chocolate.

    So there's just a few cute date ideas! What's your ideal festive date?

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