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Recently, I've been thinking a lot about things I want to do and achieve. Last year I turned 22 and have finally started to enjoy life again, after a turbulent few years in my life. 
So, in 2 years, I turn 25, and below is a list of things I want to have achieved by that time! Here's hoping!

  1. Reach my target weight! (3 stone to go!) 
  2. Go to New York! This will happen eventually!
  3. Stolen from Bex, but finally get around to doing my Youtube channel!
  4. A day sightseeing in London.
  5. Have a girls weekend away!
  6. Launch Bloggers On Tour
  7. Take a trip to Paris
  8. Save £1000 - it's harder than you think!
  9. Go to a concert
  10. Go to a festival 
  11. Attend at least 3 blogging events
  12. Travel to Greece or Portugal (Or Both!)
  13. Pay off my car
  14. Have some savings put away
  15. Finish My Events Planning Course
  16. Go on a Spa Day
  17. Visit Wales
  18. Visit Scotland
  19. Visit Ireland
  20. Go to a theme park
  21. Start my own business
  22. Visit Blackpool (See the Blackpool Lights)
  23. Hold a blogging dinner/event
  24. Hold a bloggers film day
  25. Go to Winterwonderland each year

I'm hoping most of these are achievable, so here we go, 2 Years to complete!

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