Thing's You Do When Using Tinder || Dating

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Hi Guys!

Being a single gal, I jumped on the bandwagon of Tinder! Today I bring you, a list of things, that if you've used tinder a while/reguarly, then you'll more than likely be all to familiar with!

  1. Your friends will always want to take over your Tinder! So far, this has gone either way for me. Sometimes, they've actually matched me with some great people, but also, some that are an instant unmatched!
  2. You will delete and reinstall all the time! I go through phases, most recently, I've only started using it again for the social groups!
  3. You feel horrendously bad if you swipe left on someone who has superliked you! Sorry pal, you're just not my type!
  4. You'll always swipe on people you know, just to see if you match! Sometimes, this is fun...other times leads to awkward encounters!
  5. You'll more than likely come across someone who ghosted you. You match again, just to see, and the same thing happens again!
  6. You'll constantly update your profile pictures, trying to pick your best photos!
  7. You'll more than likely forget to reply to one person, and end up with a long paragraph about how awful you are and how they 'thought you were a nice girl'. Please mate, I have a job and don't spend my life on Tinder!
  8. You'll match with someone, have great chats, you swap numbers...then the chats go flat. Damn.
  9. You get the same 'hello you' message each and every time. originality doesn't exist on Tinder.
  10.  You match with someone who seems perfect, to be then instantly hit with the 'do you have snapchat' line. Yeah..we know where that's going...!
All in all, Tinder has not been great so far, but it's undeniable, that swiping becomes addictive! 
Have any of you used Tinder before? What are your thoughts?

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