New Beginings...

by - 12:46

Hi Everyone!

Some of you might know me from Rosellabeauty a while back and I've decided I wanted to venture into a new world. The thing with naming your blog with Beauty in the name, is the fact you have to restrain yourself from posting anything other than beauty, and being honest to myself, while I still love all things beauty, I wanted to be able to post other ramblings too. Hence, the new blog!

A new look, a new feel and a new start. I've made/making some big changes in my life, so a new blog is fitting. Out with the old, in with the new is the way I see it. To some it may sound silly, but blogging is something the I can relax with, and with this new blog, it's exactly what I plan to do!

So, to all my old readers hello! and to my new readers welcome! 

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