Throwback Thursday.

by - 06:45

Hi Everyone!

So todays #throwbackthursday is an interesting one. This photo was taken last year on my birthday, nearly one year ago. When I look back on this photo, I remember myself and what a mess I was in. I had just lost my job, had no money what so ever, and had to rely upon my boyfriend to keep afloat. I look back on this photo quite a bit, because at the time, I thought there was no way out of my mess. I thought I'd never find another job, and I'd end up losing everything. One year on? I'm in a great place! Good job, great colleagues, friends and family, and maybe some great things on the horizon. I think the point of me posting this, was just to let everyone know, that even when you're at your lowest, things can get better, In fact they will! I am guilty of needing to be told this once in a while, and my friend Bex is a great support in doing this. Since this photo was taken, I've booked a few holidays, joined slimming world and lost over a stone in 2 months, gained myself a great job and have well and truly moved on from the mess that I was last year.

Don't ever give up, because everything happens for a reason :)

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