Slimming World Update #2

by - 15:58

Hi everyone!
I haven't updated about my slimming world journey for a while, so I thought I'd do a small update for you guys!
Since my last update, I've been quite bad and have skipped a few classes, I have however been weighing at home and have continued to lose weight! I'm now nearing the 2 and half stone target, and this makes me extremely happy! This will be the most I've managed to lose with Slimming World ever, and it's given me the boost to carry on losing.
I've had a few Non-Scale victories as they're called recently, one of those being, my Bridesmaid Dress for my brother's wedding needing to be taken in, due to it now being slightly too big. When I first got this dress, it was slightly too small, and I promised myself I would fit into before the wedding. Well I've achieved that and more! I'm not at target, not by a long shot, but I know I feel a lot more happier in that dress now then I did, and I cannot wait to wear it for the wedding!
Another non-scale victory for me, was having to take a dress back to the shop, due to it being too big! I'd brought a size smaller than I would have before and even that was too big! Making me 3/4 sizes smaller than when I started! Which is, for me, an amazing achievement.

I've recently also blown the dust off my treadmill and started running again, after downloading the above album. I can now run/jog straight for 30 minutes straight, which for some doesn't sound a lot, but considering I once couldn't run 2ft, I'm shocked this is me!

So there we go, I'm hoping next time I update you all, I'll be nearer the 3 stone mark, and then I think I might finally have a firm target of my final goal weight in mind!

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