Slimming World Journey Update #3

by - 13:28

It's been a while since I posted about my slimming world journey, and truth be told, the reason is I've been slipping dramatically. But a month ago, along with Bex and Lisa, I took the plunge and rejoined a local group, run by our fab girl Em! 

So, it's taken me a bit longer to get my head into this time around, but after a few words of encouragement from Em, I'm well on my way now. This week, I haven't been great, as I've been really poorly, but I am trying to make the best choices I can and I'm even 'synning' my throat sweets!

Last week, I had a few events which I knew would result in a gain, and truthfully, I gained 2lbs! I had a 4 year olds birthday party, which involved cake and can imagine. I'm hoping I've lost it this week and a bit more, but while some people will look down on the fact I slipped up, one of the biggest things for me, was I went to group, and took the gain. I spoke to Em, and with the support of her and the other girls, I'm feeling more positive about it all! I'm more than determind to get my target, which is now only 3 stone away, unless I decided to lower it again! 

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