Weight Loss Journey #5

by - 06:39

So it's been a while since I've posted about my weight loss. I've been a bit hectic, with moving and working over the weekends etc, but this week I went back to group, which I have missed so much! I was expecting a massive gain, but to my surprise, I lost 4.5lbs! Which means, since re-joining, I've lost a further half a stone. Making that about 4 stone lost since last Feb!! I'm now 2 stone away from my Intrim target, which at the moment I'm thinking of lowering again.
My week had been a rather good one. I've tried to cut out fizzy drinks, and stick to juice, and I've had less bread, which has made a big difference I think. I did, however, have a few nights out!
Saturday-  I went to football. I started the day with a Weatherspoon's breakfast and *SHOCK HORROR* a fresh orange juice. Then as the day progressed, moved onto wine, cocktails and Malibu! Then the night rolled around and I was on a night out catching up with some old friends. I did work some body magic in with dancing, after a few more Malibu's....!
Then Sunday, I did go out for dinner one night, and had a chicken calzone, which I could have chosen more wisely, but to be honest, I wanted to enjoy my dinner without worrying about my choices. I also stuck to diet coke all evening.
With me moving at the moment, I've also been moving about a lot, getting things packed and sorted, so I'm counting that as my body magic too!
I set myself a target of a 2lbs loss this week, I've had quite a few nights out this week, so I'm holding out for it, but at the same time, I've been enjoying myself too! I'm hoping once I've settled in a bit more, then I can focus 100% on my weightloss! 

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