Ultra Slim/Weight Loss Update #1/#6

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I've been meaning to do my Ultra Slim update for about 2 weeks now, but never got around to writing it. So I did Ultra Slim for 1 and a half weeks, and the results? I lost just over 8lbs!! Meaning I've lost just over half a stone in a week and I feel amazing!

I always said that I would do this sensibly, so for a week or so, I've switched back to slimming world, to help keep the balance. I will be weighing in on Friday Morning, a day early, due to going out on Friday night, and I want to enjoy it, rather than stressing about syns etc.

This week, I brought a dress (a rather fancy dress) for my birthday, the aim was to fit into this dress. And I do. And infact, it's slightly too big! A big non-scale victory for me! Which lead me to think about the others I noticed this week;

1. The dress I've been dieting to fit in is now too big.
2. I've gone down another dress size
3. I've gone down 3(!) bra sizes! 

I couldn't believe it. Hard work is paying off. I took a big step this week also, and posted a before and current photo. Which I'll post below, which just proved to me, how far I've come recently, and how I can carry on, and I will get to target. I've lost 4 stone so far, and want to lose 2/3 more. I will do this, by Christmas. That's the aim. 

This photo scares me. I can't believe how big I was, and how far I've come

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