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It's that time of year again, where we all (well most) decide to sit down and make some goals for the year ahead. I tried to complete as many of my goals in 2016, but I can say with a certain amount of confidence, I failed at a lot of them. If I get around to it, I will do a 2016 Review within the next few weeks, but today, I wanted to share my goals for 2017, a year in which I hope to be more productive. 

So, what have I got planned for the year ahead?

Blogging Goals

      • Update more regularly. I started off doing so well last year, then it went downhill. I have plans in place to make sure this doesn't happy this year!
      • Get some features in place. I have them in my mind, I'm making it my mission in 2017 to implement them.
      • Launch my Youtube. It's been sitting there with no content for a while now. I said last year I wanted to do this, but this year, I know a few bloggers who want to launch YouTube too, so we're hoping to colab and get this done!
      • Continue to grow my Social Media platforms.  I did this last year, and can proudly say, I have managed to slowly grow my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. This year, I want to watch this grow even more. Especially my Facebook page.
      • Buy my own Domain. I wanted to do this last year aswell, but as usual I kept putting this off. I'm hoping by 2018, I will be the proud owner of my own domain.

Finance Goals

      • Grow my savings. A typical one for most. I want to have a nice and healthy nest egg building.
      • Clear my credit card. I am slowly paying this one off. And hope to be debt free in 2018.
      • Go out less and save money. I need to cut down on my going out on the weekends and shopping sprees.
      • Going hand in hand with this, sell old belongings. I have far too much stuff, that I seem to have kept, but never use/wear. So I'm starting a new year clear out this afternoon. I've found local selling sites good for this!
      • Get a 2nd Job. I want to try go out less, and I feel getting a 2nd job will help this. I'm hoping to get a simple bar job in a local club to help build those savings a bit more.

Health And Fitness Goals

      • Get to my target weight. I always seem to start so well with this, then fall off the bandwagon. I have around 2 stone to lose till my ideal target weight, so my aim is smash this by July. If I'm not happy, I will lower this.
      • Up my water intake. I'm not a fan of plain water, but was gifted with a water infuser bottle this Christmas, which will be put to good use this year!
      • Start an exercise routine. I might go back to a gym, or will do this from home. One thing I do really want to get back into is swimming.
      • Drink less alcohol. I'm doing Dry January, so this should help. But doing tequila slammers every weekend can't be good for anyone!

Personal Goals

      • Take more time for myself. I need to start putting myself first for a while. To some this sounds selfish, but I believe self care is crucial!
      • Complete my Events Management Diploma. I started this course back in November, and I'm hoping to complete it by March.
      • Get back into Music. I used to love singing and getting involved in music. This is something I really am looking to rediscover!
      • Be more organised! A big one for me, but I feel if I'm more organised, things will fall into place nicely.
      • Be Happy!

So there are my goals for 2017, I'm hoping I can do better at completing them this year than I did last year!

Have you guys set any goals this year? If so, what are yours?
Happy new year everyone, and here's to a fab 2017!

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